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Htc One att Review

Htc One ATT Review

Hi everybody this is amine here, so i began my review with htc one att new smartphone for the year 2013. this is the HTC One this is right here in the United States working with AT&T's Ltd network and it is in silver collar also a black color and this phone has 32 GB's of internal storage, AT&T also offers a 64 gigabyte model that you can purchase online only so with that being said let me go ahead and start the review and see if deserves a spot in your pocket
htc one att
The best Android hardware
htc one att design
I want to talk about the design on this phone first. I wanna tell you guys  how much I love the design here It is all in aluminum enclosure which I think feels great in-hand also looks awesome as well and  it's very comfortable in the hand,and i really like to hold this phone it feels great. Just for change AT&T put their logo on the back of the device with HTC's Beats Audio logo. I've been using this phone for about a week and this is an Android phone and it is not made a plastic just like Samsung they have been contentusing plastic on their devices. And I think that's what's going to separate this phone from all those other Android phones that you can buy right now, I'm hoping that will help HTC make a comeback this year because they have been struggling in years past so I really can't say enough about.Thisphone one of the best design phones I ever used. next I want to talk about some others design elements on the top you got the sleep/wake button and the IR blasterwhich you can use this to control your TV, ittook about 3 minutesto set up really easily and works well so I'm glad that HTC included that in here
The Speakers
htc one att speakers
Another thing i wanna talk about that are the speakers so these are what HTC is calling them “boom sound” speakers they are stereo setup and they sound really good for a smartphone I mean the sound loud the quality is great I also like the placement of the speakers a lot of other smartphones they either place on the back the device or the bottom And to me that kinda stupid because if the speakers are located on the bottom, you set the phone down you know it's going to distorts the audio quality or even if you're holding in your hand your hands gonna block outs some of the volume as well same thing with the iPhone already got speakers located on the bottom if I'm of holding the phone in landscape mode watching a video or playing a game my hands gonna block out some of the volume too so I like the placement in here and the quality is very good so i love the HTC boom sound speakers
The display
So the next thing I want to talk about is the display here is also very good it's a 1080p resolution on a 4.7 inch screen so this phone has one of the highest pixel densities or the highest density pixel out there right now which is great the screen looks sharp and everything looks great Colors really great as well. You’ll be very pleased with the display on this phone if you choose to purchase it.
So I think HTC do a great a grey aluminum body here that looks great feels great speakers incorporated on this phone and an awesome display.
The Camera
htc one att camera
the most important thing i wanna talk about it in this article is the camera on the HTC One, and the camera is very interesting it's only 4 mega pixel camera I think most consumers here they're going to be kind of shocked and think that the camera is bad, but that is definitely a common misconception there's something called the megapixel ORSwhen basically smartphones continue to add more pixels totheir phonesevery year like the iPhone with 8-megapixel camera,also  the Galaxy S4 with a 13-megapixel cameraand consumer they think the more megapixels the better, and that's simply not true and without going into too much detail.what HTC is able to do by having a 4 megapixel camerais allow the camera to take a much more light than other smartphones out there so you're going to have much better low-light performance. The more pics I take the more I love this great camera. (The UltraPixel camera is a bit of a letdown when it comes to capturing fine detail).

I want to talk about some the camera features here the first one is the filter is pretty cool thing, the next thing is the just the general photo options, you can choose between the front and the main camera, you gotthe different scenes(HDR,night,sweep panorama). For the video capture mode you can choose to do a slow motion video or fast HD 60 fps or video HDR so if you're really looking to get the best shot possibly just go on with this cool stuff and features that you have.
So moving to the new feature of the HTC One is called HTC Zoe. You can activate by tapping on camera icon, so basically what Zoe does is allows you to not have to decide between taking a photo or a video. so let’s say you're in sport event you're trying to get take a good action shot of somebody you can use this feature to try and help get you that great action shot, so basically what does it takes a 3 second video and during those 3 second video It take 20 shot, and then you can swipe through the video and see those 20 different images and choose the one that you feel is best action shots you're trying to get. You can also do with that HTC Zoe is kinda creating a sequence photo so you can merge the different action shots together so I think overall the camera here is very nice the video quality also is great. I think consumers are going to appreciate that .they pretty much have full control over the camera here on this phone
I know this review is kind of long so take a break with this great vide on htc one.
The software
next I wanted to talk about the software on this phone this is running on Android 4.2
I want to talk about some the included features that HTC has here the first one is HTC BlinkFeed is kinda a home screen on your device and basically what it does is pull in news from different web sources, you've got the picture and the title of the Article if you're interested you can go ahead and select one and go ahead and bring up that news article and read it, that's kinda cool it doesn't actually bring it into a web browser I don't know how many people are gonna actually want to use this,I personally I think it's nice that HTC recognizes that a lot of people use their phone for checking notifications on like Twitter or Facebook or what news articles there are out there.So you can bring up any notification. I think integrates very nicely it works well if you don't like it what you can do is just moveoff to the side,there's no way to actually removethis software itself.I'm a personally I don't think that bad I don't thinkit's really draining my battery is something I set off to the side and Idon't use itI can quickly set as my home panel. you also got the clock herethe time the date as well so I think that's a nice widget they put up thereyou also find this widget in the App Store.
The next software feature want to talk about is the keyboard on this phone, I found it to be fantastic and allow me to say is the fastest of any android smartphone i used out there and it's got some great auto correction software on here as well to fixing errors I might have its works very well.
the next thing i wanna talk about its notification menu so there are a quick settings available here by default this is a third party app that installed I'm hoping HTC will include that in a future update  I think it's a very well organized it's very easy to navigate through I haven't personally used sense on another HTC smartphone before so I'm not sure how this compares to other versions of sense but I will say my experience with sense 5.0 has been very positive and I find it very easy to navigate.
The performance
So the next thing to talk about is the performance of the HTC One and this smartphone is powered by a 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, so that's a really great performance. Here everything is smooth games run very well and actually don't crash or anything so it's its overall really great performance for an Android device and it's what you would expect from a high-end Android smartphone
The battery
htc one att battery
First I wanna tell you that the high resolutions display and also performsof the device affect battery life.

Well, I found the battery life on the HTC Oneto be quite adequate, I usually take this phone off the charger around 6 in the morning and I usually put it back on the charger around 8 or 9 o'clock at night, during the day I got text messages coming in I've got 2 email accountsthat I receive emails every five minutes, i watch videos on YouTube and I played some games and I browse the web.

I think that most importantthing is gettingthrough that day if you're able to get through the day and be able to putthe chargeron the device anduse the next day that prettymuch good.

There are definitely phones out therethat last longer than this if youconsider yourself heavy user.
It is really hard to measurebattery life because so many peopleuse their phonesdifferently, they do different thingsand that's all going to affectbattery life.
Another thing is mobile data connection, there’s always concern that speedier data networks will effect on battery life in a negative way, but with my tests and my usage with AT&T network, it was really good.

Call Quality and Networking
AT&T must be proud because the LTE network gets better and better. The network speeds at NY Cityi was able to get a 12Mbps, the HSPA+ network performs really good with a 2Mbps upload speed and 10 Mbps download speed, that faster and better than htcone t mobile network.
Call quality very clear and loud and very good, even if you are in a heavy construction noise, call quality in the earpiece is also clear as well.
So with that being said this is one of the best smartphones I have ever tested I have no problem recommending. the only downfall that some people might see with the phone is fact that it has no SD card slot I think that bothers me maybe a little bit about this device is that it doesn't have an extension SD card slot, I think that that's something that people do like to have.there's no big flaws about this phone I think most consumers they would be very happy with it.
It takes me time and effort to write this full honest review on htc one att, if you like it please tweet it or share it and like it